Thursday, December 2, 2010


Making a slight adjustment. I have a vibe that Sam Rockwell is going to be forgotten again this year. Someone needs to keep Leo company. John Hawkes is looking pretty strong with his Indie Spirit nod and people are talking about his role as being utterly electric in  THE WINTER'S BONE. I think Christian Bale is looking like the front-runner now for THE FIGHTER. It's sounds like his performance is Daniel Day Lewis undeniable regardless of his hatred for conventional campaigning. Geoffrey Rush is running a close second now. With Mark ( where would he be without my love and support) Ruffalo third. He could be a surprise win - who knows. There hasn't been an surprise win in this category for a long time. Andrew Garfield is hanging on by a thread. Matt Damon could move his cute lil butt into the top five. 

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