Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Actor, 2010 ( Sept )

James Franco could take over this category if the buzz keeps up. But my vibe on 127 HOURS is that it's the film-making more than the central performance. These are the top five guys. Hardly anyone else is putting Michael Douglas in their number one spot. But he's fantastic in SOLITARY MAN just as he was in WONDER BOYS (2000), which he wasn't nominated for (should have won that year), plus he has cancer... plus he's in two big profile films this year. If they handle it right, he'll be a lock. He's a beloved actor and whether it's the best male performance of the year. It really doesn't matter. Like I said, he has cancer. Robert Duvall is losing traction just cause no one has seen the film GET LOW, (illness trumps old guy). Colin Firth is a shoe-in for THE KING'S SPEECH and Ryan Gosling has to do some solid PR or else he's going to be officially branded as "too aloof & nutty" and possibly be number six...again. Gosling and Duvall are falling. Franco most likely to take Gosling, Bardem or Duvall's spot, Leo is splitting his own vote, Johnny Depp could be a repeat performance and Mark Walhberg still desperately needs a voice class.** Longshot: Jesse Eisenberg in THE SOCIAL NETWORK. His performances are always the same, but it's good same.

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