Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Supporting Actor, 2010 ( Sept )

Ed Harris has been a bridesmaid many times. This could be the year to award the OSCAR to this incredible veteran actor. Even if the THE WAY BACK is too dark, he's work should be enough, as it usually is, to bring home the award. The release date for THE WAY BACK is set for January 21st 2011 with no qualifying OSCAR run as of yet, but I think that'll change.  Mark Ruffalo is in the solid number two spot. Wouldn't it be nice to see Mark, Annette and Julianne ALL walking away with some golden love. All these men are established actors in terms of the quality of their choices over the years. Mark Ruffalo (Should have been nominated at least twice by now) and Vincent Cassel (at least once) are new to the Academy but they have been worthy of the lil-gold-man before. Bill Murray is losing some ground to THE SOCIAL NETWORK's new arrival Andrew Garfield or THE FIGHTER's Christian Bale (He's still recovering the bad PR love for that 'Terminator' rant). If they push Sam Rockwell hard as supporting in CONVICTION he might make the list. And Geoffrey Rush, I mean come one, always genius. He could walk around in front of the camera bare ass and pick his butt and it would get him a nomination (Oh yeah, he's done that). Next month I'll know for sure. But this seems like these are the supporting boyz thus far - a pretty strong list. ** Longshot: Harrison Ford in MORNING GLORY - see, I want it to be good. Loved him in WORKING GIRL. 

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