Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best Supporting Actress, 2010 ( Oct )

Leslie Manville is being moved down to supporting - smartly so. She'll be a lock if she does. They should keep Julianne Moore here - to make it exciting. Based on the trailer alone, Hailee Steinfeld looks like she's wiping the floor of her male counterparts in TRUE GRIT. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin all seem a tad overblown. She's in a leading role but cause of her age and being a newbie (Like Timophy Hutton in ORDINARY PEOPLE) I think they'll bring her down to supporting and give Helena and Leslie a good run. Jackie Weaver, once the Indie Spirit's are announced, should gained some traction as well as with the LA Film Critics who I heard are all pulling for her. Helena Bonhem Carter is the only sure lock here. Dianne Wiest is a personal favorite but RABBIT HOLE is getting some big love after Toronto. The girls from BLACK SWAN, Barbara Hershey and Mila Kunis (best chance of moving up) are waiting in the wings, as is Melissa Leo (best chance of moving up - looks fantastic in that Boston blond wig) and Amy Adams from THE FIGHTER. People hate David O'Russell with a passion still and that bad taste in everyone's mouth may wash over all his actors, (Poor Lily Tomlin). Everyone is picking Christian Bale to be nominated in sup. boys category but I don't think his popularity is too good either. I don't think SOMEWHERE's Elle Fanning will breakout either - even though everyone's picking her. The young girl on the scene is going to be Hailee.

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