Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Supporting Actress, 2010 ( Sept )

If they do push Julianne Moore into supporting like I think they will - this is hers all the way. Long overdue and gives new meaning to being relaxed on film. She's incredible in THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT. Other than her this is the list that could change the most. Lots of ladies out there. This is usually the category that is most susceptible to heavy studio campaigning. So smaller films like ANIMAL KINGDOM usually fall far behind. But I think Jackie Weaver's performance, her buzz and future critic awards should secure her a spot. The Academy likes to validate itself and I think they will be able to this year with veterans Barbara Hershey and Dianne Wiest.  Veteran actress Ruth Sheen certainly deserves a slot for being the most realistic looking person in films - she's number six behind Helena Bonhem Carter in The King's Speech - which I believe will capture the most nominations of any other film this year, Helena always delivers strong performances. Winona and Juliette may suffer from having too small of roles. Like I said - this is a crowded house. My big money is on Julianne Moore. It feels right. Wrong category maybe but right. ** Longshot: Diane Keaton

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