Thursday, September 30, 2010

BEST ACTRESS, 2010 ( Oct )

(Annette Bening - THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, Natalie Portman - BLACK SWAN, Nicole Kidman - RABBIT HOLE "I called it", Julianne Moore - THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, Jennifer Lawrence - WINTER'S BONE)

They should have kept Julianne Moore in supporting category. I heard it was her call. Big mistake - Oh well. She would have been the clear winner if she went supporting. Now she just took votes away from Annette and that could move up Natalie Portman up - way up. Reminds me of when Jodie Foster in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS moved over Susan Surandan and Geena Davis for THELMA & LOUISE. In the leading lady section she'll, Julianne Moore, be the first one to lose her spot to Michelle Williams - BLUE  VALENTINE, Sally Hawkins - MADE IN DAGENHAM or Anne Hathaway - LOVE & OTHER DRUGS waiting to move in. Anne Hathaway is going to have to have a couple killer scenes to really be a contender. I don't see it yet, but the word is that's it's there. Sally Hawkins was overlooked for HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and I feel Michelle Williams was overlooked for WENDY & ME.  Michelle Williams is by far the best young actress (in terms of her choices and standard ) of her generation with the most reliability and the Academy should recognize young talent like that, but often her films are to small and to meaningful - to smart. The Academy is getting dumber and lazier. Hello - LAST YEAR!!! This still is Annette Bening's year, but Natalie Portman is going to give to her solid tight race. People that love BLACK SWAN, love it big time, they're blogging like crazy. Not much change here. Jennifer Lawrence is getting more heat as is my pick of the year, returning love, Nicole Kidman.

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