Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best Supporting Actor, 2010 ( Oct )

Geoffery Rush seems to be pushing everyone else outta the category. Good. He's brilliant and deserves every award for every role. So friggin talented. Bring back the 1970's actor, the uglier the better, God love him. Sam Rockwell looks like he has quite a juicy role in CONVICTION. Fans of MOON last year should be happy as should people thinking Mark Ruffalo is way over-due as well. Oscar nominations are often an "I'm sorry" to gifted actors that have been overlooked in the past. Here's a chance to do it a couple of times over. The two real new arrivals should come in the form of future SPIDERMAN Andrew Garfield and John Hawkes - who has been acting in the business for nearly 30 year. He has been getting some heavy duty re-energized heat this month as the Academy realizes that THE KING's SPEECH, 127 HOURS and THE SOCIAL NETWORK is about all we got. So now they're looking back at the films that have already been. THE WINTER'S BONE is the probably the Best Picture of the Year and all the actor's in it were fantastic. Expect John Hawkes to be the breakout new star at this seasons awards showcases - the 'Jackie Earle Haley' LITTLE CHILDREN "we knew it all the time" recognition. The actor that gives THE SOCIAL NETWORK it's emotional spine is Andrew Garfield. As good as Justin Timberlake is the Academy will reward the actor - rather than the superstar Timberlake. Justin could make the list if John Hawks fails to get an Indie Spirit nomination - but he will. Actors falling off the list: Bill Murray and Ed Harris will suffer from lack of anyone seeing their movies before nomination time - regardless of their history, ability and quality of their films. Vincent Cassel stumbled big time in the last month just cause all the women seem to be taking center-stage on BLACK SWAN. Timing and heat is everything and this month it's all about THE SOCIAL NETWORK and THE KING'S SPEECH.  Christian Bale could possibly squeeze into make the list but he's going to have to do some 'quicktime overdrive Terminator ass kissing'. Only one convict per season and this season that slots been taken by Sam Rockwell.

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