Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Actress, 2010 ( Sept )

(top left * my pick of winner) This is Annette Bening's year. Long overdue. She was fantastic in MOTHER & CHILD as well. Academy always likes two performance strong years. This is a two performance year plus her rival Hilary's in a high brow picture and she deserves it for this topical, well made film THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT. My last choice is Nicole Kidman for RABBIT HOLE over Michelle Williams. A great play with a stellar cast. This should be her return to the red carpet. Annette, Natalie, Leslie, and Jennifer are all locks. The last spot looks like it's Nicole Kidman. Natalie Portman could be the emotional upset win here. This category reminds me a lot of the Sean Penn / Mickey Rourke battle...instead of gay activist it's a lesbian mom. Bet the house of Annette. ** Longshot: can't help but hope that MORNING GLORY is as good as it's trailer and Rachel McAdams gets some Goldie Hawn / Melanie Griffith comedy female attention.

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